Tessy Barnett

W. 620-624-4200


Tessy grew up in Manitou Springs, CO and came to Garden City Community College on a track scholarship. She holds an associate’s degree and is a certified Montessori Instructor. She has competed in the Liberal, Ks. Pancake Race for over 22 years. Tessy has been a home maker for 21 years. She has worked for Pen Air and USD 480. She worked in a private school for 3 years. Tessy currently works for CallCory.Com. Tessy’s desire is to be a good role model so that young adults can make small quality choices leading to bigger life choices, enabling them to reach their destiny.

I have been married to Cory since 1993. As of currently writing this, 2023, we’ve been married for 30 years and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. We have lived in Liberal since 1994. 

I have supported Cory in CallCory.Com and his entire real estate career since 2005. Before then, I have supported Cory in Securities, Insurance, and Construction.
I also support Cory at Seeds of Hope Church where Cory serves as Lead Minister. As well as supporting him with Youth Hangout. We have founded Family Destiny to help teens fulfill their dreams through mentoring efforts. We have also founded Tigris Refunds and Tigris Investments.